The online graduate program in Individualized Medicine teaches healthcare professionals the fundamentals of MTM and how to apply those techniques to achieve optimal pharmacotherapy outcomes

Individualized Medicine

About the Online Graduate Program

With the practical skills learned in the program, students will be able to discover new career opportunities in community pharmacy settings, private practice, ambulatory care, managed care, MTM vendor companies and hospitals.

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Distinctive Course Offerings

Distinctive in its offerings, the online graduate program in Individualized Medicine embraces a comprehensive examination of Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) and Pharmacogenomics. The 31-credit, non-thesis master’s degree program can be completed in as little as four semesters, and the 12-credit graduate certificate program can be completed in as little as two semesters. Students also have the option to take up to 6 credit hours as a non-degree seeking student to boost their skills in a specific area or determine whether the master’s degree or graduate certificate programs are right for them. Tuition is just $650 per credit hour plus fees, regardless of which program option you choose, and there is not a GRE requirement for admission.

Earn your M.S. with a Concentration in Individualized Medicine

The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Individualized Medicine is designed for healthcare professionals who want to integrate comprehensive medication management and precision medicine in patient care. Upon completion of the program, the student will receive a Master of Science in Pharmacy with a concentration in Individualized Medicine.

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At a Top-Ranked University

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 1 pharmacy college in Florida and in the Top 5 nationally, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy has been developing future leaders in pharmacy practice and science for nearly a century. At campuses in Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando, award-winning faculty aim to improve the health of Floridians and people across the world through pharmacy education, high-impact research and clinical innovation.

The University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy is ranked by the US News & World report as the No. 1 Pharmacy school in Florida and in the Top 5 nationally. Join us to pursue greatness and become the next leaders in healthcare. 

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